Funerals are considered as respectful occasions, and knowing how to dress up for a funeral is a must. Dressing up for a funeral means dressing up not for yourself, but for the deceased. A funeral outfit represents grief, henceforth you need to be sensitive when choosing the right clothing and colors.


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 Here are a few guidelines to follow:

When it comes to funeral outfits, make sure to wear a dark colored suit like black, grey and dark navy blue, along with a neutral color tie. Do not pair accessories like cufflinks with pocket squares to your suit as it will make your outfit look fancy which is not appropriate for a funeral. 

If you do not have a suit, wear a dark pair of trousers, preferably black or charcoal grey which is easily available at . Combine your trousers with either a white shirt or a black shirt and formal shoes. Do not attend the funeral service in casual wear like jeans and sneakers. 

Suits for the funeral 

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The standard suit colors for the funeral are black, grey and navy blue. Make sure to not wear a 3 piece suit for a funeral. Opt for a somber color shirt like black and a tie.

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Shirts and trousers

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Ideally, the shirt has to be solid black or solid white. Avoid loud designs and patterns on the shirt and also the trouser. Don’t dress up in a way that makes you stand out. Here are some of the shirts and trousers which go well together.

A few additional tips:

  • Wear comfortable formal shoes. 
  • Make sure the color of your socks aren’t flashy.
  • Press iron your clothes and keep them clean and odor free. 
  • Check the weather report if you would need to carry an umbrella or not. If you need an umbrella, make sure the color of the umbrella is solid black.
  • Avoid using sunglasses and caps/hats. 


Make sure you keep these tips in mind while choosing the right outfit. 

August 23, 2022 — Brands User

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