We usually hear people say ‘expensive things last longer.’ Well, they are WRONG! Dressing up to look expensive doesn’t mean you need to wear expensive clothes. Let us show you how to dress up rich on a budget. 

Maintain your clothes 

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Taking care of your clothes is the first and the most important step. Washing them as instructed on the label will increase the wardrobe life of the clothes without causing much damage to the fabric over time. The clean your clothes are, the better they will look once you put them on. No matter how expensive your clothes are, they won’t make you look expensive if shabbily maintained.

Invest in a few suits   

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brandsco.com has a wide range of affordable suits that are perfect if you’re aiming to look expensive and smart. Investing in these suits is a great choice as they can be combined with any formal shirts and shoes which can go well any day. 

Here are a few suits which you need to have in your wardrobe: 

  1. Francisco Tolli Slim Blue Suit - 595 AED
  2. Alberto Paolucci Regular Light Grey Suit - 325 AED 
  3. Mosaique Slim Beige Suit - 595 AED 
  4. Alberto Paolucci Slim Black Suit - 475 AED 
These are some basic colors to consider for a classy formal closet. Always, keep your outfit minimal. Do not add a lot of accessories. You can even check out on how to build your wardrobe in a day without spending 1000 AED.

If you’re looking for a casual closet upgrade, then again, the outfits do not have to be expensive. You don’t need to spend a lot to feel rich. Trust me, no one cares how expensive your outfit is. So, let’s choose something that isn’t expensive but will make you look rich and handsome. 

Choose Neutral Colors

Don’t know what to wear? Neutral colors are a great option. Having neutral colors in your wardrobe is always safe. Neutral colors can go along any outfit and create luxurious combinations, especially when it comes to casual shirts, t-shirts, chinos, and even a jacket. 


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Here’s how you could pair your outfit:

  1. Olive green casual shirt with beige trousers and black shoes.
  2. Black casual shirt with beige trousers and black shoes.
  3. DKS slim black casual jacket with a white shirt, light grey trousers, black belt and black shoes

Everything goes well when you wear a neutral color outfit. 

Choose the right fit 

When buying an outfit, make sure it fits you well. Ill-fitting outfits are not impressive to watch. If you want to look expensive, one of the main factors you need to consider is the fit. A well-tailored and fitted garment gives a flattering outcome.

Choose your fit depending on your body type. If you fall on a slimmer side, then slim sit outfits are the best for you. If you fall on the bulky side, regular-fit outfits are the best for you.

Slim fit outfit options  

A slim fit suit is not just fashionable but also a very comfortable option. Most men go for a slim fit suit. The slim fit suit is affordable and is easily available online.


1. Mosaique Dark Grey Suit
2. Jack Morgan Slim Light Purple Shirt

Regular fit outfits option 

Regular fit suits are a must have. The regular fit suits are very common among working men. The regular fit suits are available online.

1. Alberto Paolucci Regular Fit Suit 

2. Alberto Paolucci Light Grey Suit 

Keep these things in mind if you want to achieve a smart, rich, and expensive look on a budget.  

August 28, 2022 — Brands User

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