BRANDS is a privately-owned clothing store based in the United Arab Emirates. Our shops have become the fashionable destination for men who seek high-quality clothing at affordable prices. 

Known for our elegant design aesthetic, BRANDS now has thirty outlets situated in upscale malls in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, offering our customers a variety of signature suits and a broad spectrum of fashion accessories.

Founded in 2004, BRANDS has pushed the boundaries of international fashion trends by constantly tweaking our design to give life to elegance, comfort, and style.

Through the years, we have earned the loyalty of our customers because of our commitment to excellence. This premium on exceeding customer standards has attracted several renowned companies to have their uniforms uniquely tailored by our experienced designers.

At present, our stores house six sophisticated brands namely DKS, Jack Morgan, Francisco Tolli, Mosaique, Alberto Paolucci, and Binnino. Each brand is a masterpiece that showcases sophistication, artistry, and profound beauty.