A lot of us love to go around the world but face one main issue that is packing our travel outfits. These are some of the tips we have discovered after speaking to a few travelers which will be useful for your next trip.

Have a look and what wanderers have advised us on. 

The very first step is to:

Dress well

Dressing up well is the key factor. Put on your favorite outfit and make your way to your destination. Let the outfit portray your personality.

Dressing up well no matter where you go or what you do is a key to gaining respect. The better you dress the more respect you receive. If you want to look attractive and rich, a suit, especially a three-piece suit is the best option for you, especially if it’s a business tour. If you’re going casual, wear something fit and it should be comfortable for your journey. 

Get your outfits well-adjusted before wearing them. Wear very less accessories because it will be a hassle at the security to take them off and wear them again.

Dress up comfortably so that you can adjust yourself on your journey without any discomfort or disturbance. Always go for cozy clothes, and a few of the outfits which are ideal for traveling are:

Alberto Paolucci grey two-piece suit which costs less than 500 AED, and is considered as one of the best for a long journey.

Wear your heavy clothes 

Jackets occupy more space in the luggage. Putting on the jacket while traveling not just makes more space in the suitcase, but also makes you look classy and respectful.

Instead of packaging your heavy clothes, prepare to wear them during your trip. Wearing bulky clothes makes more space for other luggage in your bag or suitcase. You don’t have to worry about extra weight and having to pack less. The best part about heavy clothes is that sometimes it can get really cold on the airplane and this is when it gets comfortable when you wear thick clothes.

To protects yourself from the cold, go for the DKS jackets. They are made from polyester cotton blended fabric which is one of the richest fabrics, and it's the best for a freezing journey.


Pack light stuff

Packing light clothes is the best option. Francisco Tolli shirts have a wide range of lightweight shirts which are ideal for traveling and easier to carry around. Make sure you pack the clothes which are ideal for the weather and the environment.


Pack lightweight clothes like t-shirts, shirts, boxers, a pair of jeans, and chinos. Always make sure to carry extra underwear with you. If you want to carry a jacket or a suit, make sure you pack it in a very clean manner so that it doesn’t get crumpled. Pack limited outfits so that it gets easier when traveling back if you're gonna buy souvenirs for your friends and family, and other stuff from the country you’re visiting.

Packing a few clothes is a smarter option. The best wear are polo, joggers, jeans, boxer sets

Moccasins are the best

Moccasins are one of the most flexible and comfortable. They make traveling convenient and go well on formal as well as casual outfits. Choosing the right footwear is the smartest option for any traveler.

When security asks you to take the shoes off, that’s when slip-on comes in handy. You can easily take them off and put them back on. While choosing the slip-on, make sure you choose a pair that goes well with all your travel outfits. It also saves space in your luggage bag. 

Moccasins are pleasant for walking and are made from premium leather with a perfect finish that can go well on any outfit. The designer Francisco Tolli tan shoes are ideal for such situations. 

Iron everything once you reach

Crumple free and clean clothes adds as an important factor for a clean and tidy look. To be safe, go for wrinkle free clothes which do not need much efforts in maintaining and it does not take more time to be ironed


Once you reach the room of your destination, take out all the clothes, iron them and hang them in the cabinet of your room. Put used clothes for laundry and wash stained clothes immediately. This can make your stay easier by simply picking up pre-ironed clothes without having to spend extra time steam-pressing the clothes.

March 17, 2022 — Ahmad Shaaban

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