When buying a suit, there are many factors to consider -- price, fit, fabric, etc. When it comes to its price, you should be aware of the information below, which describes what differentiates an expensive suit from a cheap one.

High Quality Fabric Suit For Men

Fabric Quality

A good suit will always be made up of natural fabrics. Typically, wool for the outer layer and silk for the lining. You need some expertise to understand the fabric and quality of the suit. Your salesman or tailor should be able to tell you the thread count of the suit. Top-quality suits tend to have thread counts of above 120.  

High-quality lining extends throughout  

A well-made suit will have the same top-quality lining throughout the trousers, around the crotch area, and into the seat. When purchasing a suit, check that the lining is present throughout the entire garment. The pockets should also have high-quality silk lining.

The fabric of a cheap suit is usually stretched with polyester, nylon, or other artificial fibers. Also, the raw materials may be cotton or wool that go into that fabric are the lowest quality possible. It simply is stiffer, less comfortable, and you’re more prone to sweating in it.  

Attention to detail 

On a cheap suit, the buttonholes are first sewn and then cut not the other way around. Also, the trimmings are usually low-quality, the buttons are plastic, the lining is polyester, and everything is made to remain low on the cost side, but it also means low on the quality.  


It is much more difficult to identify the quality of a button. Many cheap suits use plastic buttons. High-end suits use horn buttons. Horn is usually a little heavier than plastic and has a nicer, smoother feel and a natural shine.  


In a cheap suit, the seam will always be machine-made. Flip the collar and check the seam underneath. You should take a closer look to understand whether it is machine made or hand made. If the stitch looks very regular with perfect triangles it is machine-made. The handmade stitch is irregular. It is a pretty easy job to identify this if you do this 2 o 3 times. In conclusion, if the suit has a handmade stitch, it’s not a cheap suit. If it's machine-made, it’s likely cheap.  

Good finish  

A well-made tailored suit will have a good finish on all those little details. Buttonholes will be beautifully sewn with no loose ends or fraying edges.  

March 17, 2022 — Ahmad Shaaban
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