Get your closet ready with the most important outfits a man must own. Be in style this summer with the wardrobe essentials, and we are here to help you build a fashionable closet.  

A men’s wardrobe should consist of these key pieces of clothing.

Slim white shirt

Fashion keeps changing, but a crisp white shirt has always been the backbone of a man’s wardrobe. This shirt will give you a great fitting. Pair up the slim white shirt with vintage blue jeans and white casual shoes.  
White Shirt For Men

Black shoes

The hardest thing about dressing up is the shoes. It’s always a task to match your outfit and shoes. Here is a solution! Every man must own a pair of black shoes. These shoes from FT are ‘gotta-have shoes with a flattering minimal design. No matter what, a pair of black shoes are a smart option. 
 Shoes For Men


A sporty casual look never goes wrong. Joggers are the best alternative for jeans and have become the most demanded sportswear. If you don’t own a pair of joggers, then you probably need to upgrade yourself and add a pair or two of joggers to your collection.   
Jogger Pants for Men

Blazer or a jacket

When we say wardrobe essentials, a blazer is one of the most important parts of attire. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter's night, a formal blazer rocks any outfit at any season of the year.  
The blazer can either be paired with a polo for a semi-formal attire, or even a shirt for a formal look. 
 Jacket For Men

Comfort suit

A suit is a must for every man. Go along with the trend with the latest slim-fit blue suit which never goes out of style.     
Things to keep in mind while owning a suit:  
If you want to keep the suit in a good condition, dry cleaning is a must. It’s a highly beneficial process that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and doesn’t damage the suit.  
Black Suit for Men
Store your suit in a clean place, specifically in your cupboard to prevent it from any kind of damage. Hang it in a well versatile place on a hanger.  
Brush down your suit once you’re done wearing it. 
March 09, 2022 — Jenny Cabago

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