There is no question that, a suit is a properly cut and styled garment that will give a man confidence and there is no outfit that can out throw its title. Every gentleman who possesses a sense of style will be looking for a suit of timeless style and sufficient quality.

But the dilemma in choosing the right suit is not unusual. People do long searches and at the end of the day, they make the wrong choices compromising quality and wasting money.  

  DKS Tuxedo  

High clothing price does not equate to high clothing quality.

A suit is an essential piece of clothing in a man’s life whether he wear it for office or on any other occasion. Whenever you buy a suit, you should be cleverer and smarter enough to choose the one that worth your money. Expensive clothing does not mean high quality. In reality, you are paying more to the brand name and to its prestige. When it comes to judging the quality of the suit, many men are uninformed. They just rely on brand names and pay a lot. Would a suit really cost that much? Or a suit is that expensive?   Not really. There are many factors behind the screen while determining the price of a suit. There are different levels of costs associated with the production process from conceptualisation to the final output. In each stage of the process such as buying garments, manufacturing, transportation, designing, branding, and marketing, etc., there is a cost burden until the product reaches the retail store.


But why BRANDS is different from all others? How we are providing the best quality suits for the best price that another brand cannot give?  

The answer is simple and transparent. BRANDS is a stand-alone business having the capacity of all levels of the production and selling process of its own. From choosing a fabric to making it a perfect suit we have all the capabilities ourselves. By excluding middlemen the cost accrued in each stage is reduced or saved.   

BRANDS is an umbrella of six indigenous brands: DKS, Francisco Tolli, Jack Morgan, MosaiqueAlberto Paolucci, and Binnino. Each brand is developed to satisfy customers of different ages, professions, styles, and purposes. Quality and durability are the common characteristics undermined in every brand we have. All the fabrics are chosen carefully to ensure comfort and fit. Our expertise in judging the fabric is evolved and perfected over decades. Each suit is a masterpiece of art created by our skilled designers beaconing trends and modernity.   

From time to time, people recognised BRANDS as one of the best men's fashion destinations where they can get the best quality suits that really worth the money. Our growing customer chain is the proof and we are always committed to cater their clothing needs for the prices that fit the budget. 

June 24, 2021 — Ahmad Shaaban

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