Whether you're a beginner or advanced, here are some tips on how to style your suit and stand out in the crowd. Dress up unique and fashionable by following a few steps on how to style a suit. 

How a suit blazer should fit?


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When buying a suit, keep in mind that the suit blazer should fall past your waist, and cover 80% of your butt. The best way to check the blazer fitting is by relaxing the arms while trying on the blazer. This is important to check the length of the hem, as well as the sleeves. 

When it comes to purchasing a perfect suit, it is important to first decide on which occasion you are planning to wear the suit. We at BRANDS have highly trained professionals who will help you out in deciding the right suit.

For several years, we carefully chose people to provide you with practical suit styling, and we are happy to help you with whatever you need.

Keep in mind these important factors before doing a purchase. 

What men’s suits are in style?

Single Breasted Suit


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A versatile option ideal for various occasions. A single breasted suit has one series of buttons and a narrow overlay of material. This suit gives you a muscle fit appearance.

Double Breasted Suit

Double breasted suit makes the chest look wider. This suit is the best for slimmer men. Available in a huge range of colors and styles.


Double Breasted Suit for Men



For a more casual look, a blazer is the best option. Match your blazer with a pair of chinos or jeans, along with a pair of fancy loafer or sneakers. A blazer is an ideal option for a fashionable and casual look.


What colors of suits should I choose?

Black Suits


Black Suit for Men


We have the best quality suits and a black suit is a go-to look for any event. It is best suited for occasions like weddings and funerals. A white or even a light pink shirt will go well on the black suit.

For a more classy look, go for a black tuxedo which is highly in demand for evening weddings or any evening functions. Get the best quality tuxedos at the best prices.

Blue Suits


Blue Suit for Men - Dubai


If your goal is to look vibrant and bold, a navy blue suit is the best choice. This suit is perfect for a summer wedding or even a vintage-themed outdoor wedding. These suits are exclusively for formal events. The suits from BRANDS are made from luxurious fabric and are very affordable. We make sure that the suits are designed as per the trend and comfort of men.

If you don’t have a navy blue suit yet, it’s time for you to add a new collection to your wardrobe. This elegant suit won’t let you down.

Grey Suits


Gray Suit for Men


Grey is an excellent choice as it easily pairs with different color shirts, especially light-colored shirts. Matching a tie to this suit is also not an issue.

These suits are ideal for interviews and business meetings. This suit is a fantastic choice and is preferred by most working men.

March 31, 2022 — Ahmad Shaaban

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