The type of shoes you wear is one of the clearest indications of whether you’ve got a sense of style. But don’t worry if you are confused to choose the essential pieces among many. If you are heading out for a movie, a business conclave, or a running errand, here are the quintessential shoes that will keep you on top of fashion and style.


The Oxford or Derby dress shoe is an ideal pick for formal wear. every man should keep at least a black and possibly a brown pair of dress shoes in his closet. Black is the universal color that brings a sense of style and standard to every man’s outfit. This is the reason why the black color earned so much popularity. One can opt for Variations of oxford shoes like cap-toe, buck, or wingtip. 

Brogues For Men


The perforated pair of brogues are one of the classiest shoes that every gentleman must possess. The perforations and holes in the brogues were originally created to help drain water if someone crosses a swamp or water. Now brogues have gained popularity as they can be paired with formal and smart casual outfits. One can opt for variations of brogues such as oxford brogues, monk brogues, and derby brogues.  

Brogue Shoes For Men


One of the most timeless shoes when it comes to style and appeal, moccasins are the lace-less pair of shoes that you can slip on and still look smartly dressed. This type of shoe covers a range of styles including the penny and tassel loafer. It is more than worth having a pair of moccasins in your closet.   

Slip On Shoes for Men
March 31, 2022 — Ahmad Shaaban

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