Gone are the days when you had to spend hours choosing the right suit and right fit. It’s important to know how the best suit can be purchased online with just a few simple steps.

Why buy online?

The benefit of purchasing online is the convenience. You can simply sit at home with your phone and scroll through different outfit options. brandsco.com has a wide range of suits from the best designers.

Online shopping is often cheaper, and the stock is less likely to run out of stock.

Know your measurements:

Before shopping online, make sure you know your measurements. The BRANDS shopping sit makes it easier for men to buy a perfect suit for their body type. Check out the BRANDS shopping website now!

To find your perfect measurement, simply select the suit of your choice, go to the size guide, and click on ‘what’s my size?’

Insert your age, weight, and height and click on continue to find your accurate size and continue shopping. 


The guide will also provide you with the correct fit according to your body type. 


If the item you’ve ordered doesn’t fit well, visit the nearest BRANDS store and get your alteration done by the in-house tailor. 

How to take the measurement at home


Taking a measurement at home is easy. But you can’t do it all by yourself. Use a measuring tape and leave about 2 fingers of space between the body and the tape. 

Always measure twice to get accurate results.

  • Wrap a tape underneath the armpits and put your hands back into their resting position. 
  • For the waist size, wrap the tape just above the hip bone, that is your stomach area.  
  • For the overarm, make sure the tape is wrapped around your arm and chest.   
  • Shoulders should be measured from point to point, that is from one shoulder seam to the other. This is usually taken with the jacket on.
  • The sleeve over seam is taken from the backside of the sleeve with the jacket on for correct results.
  • For the coat length, measure from the center back which is from where the collar seam meets. 

Determine your trouser measurement:

  • Wrap the tape around the waist right below the navel to measure the size of the waist.
  • Next, check the measurement of the buttocks by wrapping the tape around the butt area.
  • Check the outseam, that is the distance from the top of a trouser waistband to the hem. Also, measure the inseam, from the crotch of the trousers to the hem.
  • Wrap the tape around the thickest part of your thigh and do not use your fingers in between the tape and the thighs. This can cause wrong measurements.
  • Measure the knee horizontally for accurate results.
  • Just like the knee, place the tape down at the leg.

Do not forget to take a note of all the sizes for reference. 

June 06, 2022 — Brands User

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