The best option is dry cleaning, because it’s professionally done, saves a lot of time. Dry cleaning can also be a hassle and can be expensive. If you’re thinking of washing a suit at home, well, there’s great news! You can wash your own suit at home professionally, even if it’s your first time. 

Cleaning a suit by yourself can be risky, but it’s possible to clean it at home if you have your own washing machine. Before washing, make sure you check the label to know how the outfit has to be cleaned. Gentle fabric requires special detergents which must be chosen carefully for good results. Harsh detergents may cause damage to the fabric which could ruin the jacket and trousers. 

If you doubt that cleaning at home might damage the outfit, then it's best advised to give it to the professionals for dry cleaning.

Before you wash the blazer, dust it well with a brush which is ideal for delicate material. 


Here are some ways:

Hand washing 

To begin with, add a little water in a tub or a bucket and soak the jacket and pants for a few minutes to get rid of stains if there are any. Do not brush or rub the fabric to get rid of the stain, this will lead to serious damage to the outfit. 

Drain all the water from the tub and start the actual process. Add lukewarm water and the detergent, and let it dissolve in the water. Gently soak the attire in the water for a few minutes. Rinse it in clean water until the detergent is completely washed off from the outfit. 

 Wrap the jacket in a soft and delicate towel and gently squeeze out the water from it. This process should be done with a terry towel which holds the advantages of absorbing water. 


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Machine washing 

The latest washing machines have settings such as hand-wash. Choose the preferred setting and put the clothing in the washing machine. Add liquid detergent, and make sure you use a mild one, avoid powder soaps. Set the washing machine to low spin and the water temperature to maximum 30˚C. Do not add more than 2-3 pieces of clothing to the washing machine. 

Once the clothes are washed, hang the jacket and trousers separately on a hanger and let it dry. If possible, spread out on a towel and keep the outfit for drying. After the suit is dried completely, steam it with a steamer and hang it back on the hanger and store it in a cool and dry closet. 

May 30, 2022 — Brands User

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